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Dr C W H Havard MA, DM, FRCP

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The Myasthenia Gravis Association (MGA) has as its objective the promotion of the welfare of sufferers from Myasthenia Gravis (MG), Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS)  and Congential Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS) in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The Association conducts the following activities :

Charitable Status

The association is a charity registered under the Charities Acts, and is also a compay Limited by Guarantee. The Trustees are also directors of the company. The Association is governed by a Board which comprises the elected Trustees and other members appointed under the constitution of the association.


Membership of the association is open to anyone who wishes to promote the objectives of the association. The association has a large number of branches throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. These branches are an integral part of the association and are bound by its rules and constitution.

Applications for membership of the association may be made either directly to the association's business office, or through any branch.

A membership application form (pdf format) can be Downloaded Here.

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All other enquiries and comments should be directed to the MGA headquarters.

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