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The MGA Board

The MGA Board, which meets about six times each year, is responsible for the the policy and management of the charity, and in particular for the prudent management of its finances. The Board comprises the Honorary Officers of the Association and the other Trustees. The Officers and Trustees are elected by the Association at an annual general meeting.

In addition to its function as a Board of Trustees of the charity, the Board acts as a Board of Directors of the company.

Chairman: Mr M Morris
Treasurer: Mr A J Robinson
Trustees: Mr P Finney
  Mrs C R Fraser
Mr B Gregory
Mr R F Haverson
Dr D Hilton-Jones
Mr C. Kodua
Mr J C Mason
Mr B G McColl
Professor H N A Willcox
Mrs J F Whittingham
Mr R Wright

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Updated 21-Jan-2010
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