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General Information Leaflet 20


Myasthenics MUST inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre (DVLC) that they have MG, even if at present they have no symptoms.

A recent letter from the medical advisory branch of DVLC states that:

  1. "The drivers medical branch should be notified if an applicant or licence holder has any physical or mental disability or condition which affects their fitness as a driver, or which might do so IN THE FUTURE."

  2. "The symptoms that may be experienced by people with MG and which would have an effect on their fitness to drive are :

  3. The existing law under the Road Traffic Act 1988 states that it is an offence if a person fails without reasonable excuse to notify the DVLC of a disability. The current maximum fine is 1,000. A new offence is to be introduced shortly which would result in an endorsement of the licence also.

Having informed DVLC and returned the completed medical forms, a decision will be made concerning your fitness to continue driving.

The decision could result in your being :

  1. Refused to continue driving permanently.

  2. Your licence being restricted to a number of years and then your fitness being reassessed.

  3. Allowed to continue driving with a full licence.

If you are allowed to continue driving DVLC must be informed immediately if there is any significant change in your medical condition.


Myasthenic drivers must inform their insurance company that they have MG. If they do not, and they have to make a claim, they may find that their policy is deemed invalid.

Myasthenics, in most cases, should not have to pay a higher premium, but they may have several medical forms to complete.

There are, however, some insurance brokers who specialise in providing policies for disabled people. They have a vast experience of medical conditions, and knowledge of insurance companies that provide policies at special rates for disabled drivers.

Two insurance companies known to provide these policies are :

Eastern Insurances *
Eastern House
9 Bridge Street
Tel : 01787 475932
Chartwell Insurance
292 Hale Lane

Tel : 0181-958-0901

* Denotes part of fee to MGA. Provides a specially arranged policy via AXA, for Myasthenics.

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