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Free Medication for People Living in the Irish Republic Suffering from MG

General Information Leaflet 23

There is presently some confusion in the Irish Republic about whether myasthenics are entitled to free medication. This confusion arises because, historically in Ireland, the condition has been identified under muscular dystrophies rather than under its own name Myasthenia Gravis. This leaflet hopes to help Irish Myasthenics cope with this confusion.

Once you have been diagnosed as having Myasthenia Gravis you should:

  1. Apply to the appropriate Health Board in your area and ask them for the long term illness form.

  2. Fill out the form as requested and circle "muscular dystrophies".

  3. Take the form to your GP and ask them to sign it. If he/she is reluctant, tell them that this system has been approved by the Eastern Health Board.

  4. If they are still reluctant, contact Joan Caprani on Dublin 328390. She has a contact who is willing to help, but please remember that the long term illness book entitles you to free medication for Myasthenia Gravis only.

The Association does its best to ensure that the information contained in this leaflet is complete and up to date at the time of publication, but cannot accept any legal liability whether for any inaccuracy or otherwise.

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Updated 12-Oct-2009
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