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Spring 2002

Mr M J Lange SRCS

Cynthia Buckley

I know that many of our readers will wish to thank Mr Lange for all that he has done for myasthenics and especially thank him for all the work and support he has given our Charity over a great number of years.

His patients will remember his quiet voice and his care beyond the call of duty on the wards of the New End Hospital in Hampstead and The Royal Free Hospital in Pond Street. Mr Lange instilled hope, confidence and courage in those of his early patients who had such a bleak outlook and this was an enormous factor in helping them to fight Myasthenia Gravis.

Mr Lange’s love for fellow man, began, of course when he chose medicine as a career. During the second world war he deferred qualifying as a surgeon so that he could volunteer care for the British servicemen fighting the enemy and give comfort and help to the many afflicted with the dreadful wounds of war.

Returning from the war, Mr Lange qualified as a surgeon and had decided that the people suffering from myasthenia gravis needed that extra special care. From his clinic in New End and The Royal Free, he went beyond the call of duty to provide it. He corresponded with his patients at least twice a year. I know from my own mother, just how much the letters meant and how his continued support proved so valuable. One was always his patient and a call to the hospital would provide the answers to many concerns.

Mr Lange and Professor Simpson were instrumental in bringing this charity into being and the first list of patients with whom the Charity contacted was provided by these two special gentlemen. Mr Lange was Chairman of the Charity for many years and his presence at every meeting, whenever and wherever they were held, was invaluable. His vast knowledge was immediately available to all. Also, some of our members will remember that when they were having difficulties in diagnosis and treatment, that provided they were able to get a referral from their GP or Consultant, they could just arrive at 2 pm the following first Tuesday in the month and see Mr Lange without a prior appointment.

Mr Lange was always supported by his wife, Joy, who travelled with him to all Regional Meetings and AGM’s up and down the country. She too became part of the ‘MG Family’. We will always be grateful for his love, care and support to all who suffered from myasthenia gravis and especially to the families and supporters who were never forgotten by him. I know that we will all wish him well in his retirement and although he has decided to retire as President, he will never be far from the thoughts of those who love him.

MGA NEWS Spring 2002
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