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Spring 2003

Disabled Driver's Association

Rodney Haverson

The MGA can’t cover every aspect of living with a disability and there are many organisations that provide valuable information and advice on specific problems common to a number of conditions including MG. MG affects individual patients to varying degrees. Many whose condition is not so well controlled have mobility problems and use a wheel chair or scooter - I am one of them. The use of these is fine, but you still have to get there, and for many of us it means a car. One of the most helpful associations that I have found in this respect is the Disabled Driver’s Association (DDA). Membership is open to any driver with mobility problems, possession of a Blue Disabled Drivers Badge is not essential, but the DDA will need to know the degree of mobility problem you have.

Membership costs £10 per year and includes a copy of their quarterly magazine, ‘Magic Carpet’. The magazine, apart from covering current news on mobility issues, news and views on chairs and scooters, and reviews of new cars from a disabled point of view, also has a wealth of adverts for mobility aids and services. More information may be obtained from:

The Disabled Driver’s Association,
Norwich NR16 1EX.
Telephone: 0870 770 3333

MGA NEWS Spring 2003
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