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April 1999

Thanks to Prof John Newsom-Davis

E G Gray

May I through the medium of your excellent Newsletter congratulate Prof John Newsom-Davis on his imminent retirement and wish him all the very best. I know he will still be holding his MG Clinics, which is very good news indeed.

I was first diagnosed as being a sufferer of MG by Dr I T Ferguson of Southmead Hospital after lying in a coma for seven days (some of my "friends" will say I still am) in late November 1987 and further tests revealed that I also had LEMS, hitherto unknown in the UK.

I received five bouts of plasmapherisis and finally left hospital in early March 1988.

Needless to say, I had to enlist my wife's help in lifting my legs into bed at night, so I had to grit my few teeth and help myself to get back into action, which was attained by taking my little dog for "walkies", gradually increasing the distance every day.

I still visit my Neurologist, Dr Ferguson at six-monthly intervals, when I am always cossetted by my favourite nurse, having lost my dear wife in June 1990.

I first heard of Prof Newsom-Davis in 1989 through the medium of "AIR MAIL", the Royal Air Force Association Journal, so I wrote to him and he invited me to Oxford to see him. That was the first of many encounters, the last being at the MGA National Meeting in Oxford. The thing about him is, not only is he a brilliant man in his chosen profession, but he's a very caring one with a great sense of humour and we've shared a few laughs together. So ! Good Luck Sir and "lang may your lumb reek" as the Scots say.

Webmaster's Note:
Before training as a doctor Prof Newsom-Davis did his National Service as a pilot in the Royal Air Force

MGA NEWS April 1999
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