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Newsletter Downloads

This page contains links to complete editions of the MGA News which you can download and read at your leisure.

This section contains files in pdf format. To read theses files you will need to install the (free) Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems.

Each of these files is approximately 600 Kilobytes in size and will take about 40 seconds to download with most modems.

You may view the files directly in your browser window or save them to your hard disk (you can do that by right-clicking on the link to the file).

Spring 2010            
Spring 2009   Summer 2009   Autumn 2009   Winter  2009
  Image of cover of MGA News - Summer 2008    
Spring 2008   Summer 2008   Autumn 2008   Winter 2008
Spring 2007   Summer 2007   Autumn 2007   Winter 2007
MGA News Autumn 2006 MGA News Autumn 2006
Spring 2006 Summer 2006 Autumn 2006 Winter 2006
Image of fornt page of Spring 2005 Edition        
Spring 2005   Summer 2005   Autumn 2005   Winter 2005 
    Thumbnail Image - MGA News Autumn 2004  
Spring 2004   Summer 2004   Autumn 2004   Winter 2004
Spring 2003   Summer 2008   Autumn 2003   Winter 2003
Spring 2002   Summer 2002   Autumn 2002   Winter 2002
Spring 2001   Summer 2001   Autumn 2001   Winter 2001
MGA NEWS Newsletter Downloads
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